Women, Sex, and Men

     So I have been talking to a few of my married friends and I hear the same thing over and over again.  She tells me “all he wants to do is have sex.”  He tells me “She never wants to have sex.”  So here are my answers for both sexes!!!!

Women do you actually think because you married a great man you can actually quit having sex with him?  I understand that after the babies come and all that it gets exhausting and you do not feel so pretty, but you women need to realize this is how men show affection, their love.  This is how they become one with you.  I know that you want to be treated like more than a piece of meat, but be happy that man still finds you sexy and desirable when you do not.  He needs to help out more!  Yes he does.  Even though I do hear a lot of men say they help out tons more than I would even expect.  Give both yourselves chores.  Take every other night with the baby.  Take turns driving kids to school, daycare, etc.  Make it work.  I believe three times a week for sex is an easily attainable goal.  Who cares if you will go to sleep 30 minutes later.  This could be saving your marriage.  See yourself through your husbands eyes.  You are beautiful and sexy to him.  If you do not satisfy your man he will look for other outlets and there will always be some woman ready to scoop up a good man.  I know we all believe that he should thank God he has you.  Trust me he does more than you know, but how about you thanking God you have him.  If he provides for his family, helps around the house, is a good daddy then he also does his fair share.  He is willing to stay up to be closer to you.  O and who cares that he doesn’t wanna go shopping with you and wants to lay in his chair and watch a game.  Is it going to kill you?  NO!!  Take your girlfriends shopping.  Let him relax if he has worked 60 hours that week.  He deserves to.  Leave his chores for him and you do yours.  You need a day to lay on the couch to watch chick flicks.  Ok then.  Take kids to mommies day out, one of the grandparents house, or have him have a daddy day.  Women do not only get to relax on Mothers day!  Do for him what you would want done for you and vice versa.  Do not get angry because it seems you are always the one folding laundry.  I am sure he is the one always fixing the car or mowing the lawn. So see both sides and do that always.

Men what is the matter with some of y’all????  You have to romance your wife make her feel beautiful.  Take her on dates.  If she says she is to tired bring dinner home, take the kids somewhere, and watch a movie.  Bring home what ever you both like to drink and relax with.  Rub her feet she will  rub yours in return.  Tell her how beautiful she looks and how you love her more today than yesterday.  Make her feel loved and treasured.  Do not say “hon, your ass looks bigger in those jeans”  that is not a compliment.  Nor do you need to mention if she has gained 5-50lbs!!  Still make her feel beautiful, but suggest a walk nightly so she can work off what is making her feel unattractive anymore.  Women need to feel beautiful and sexy to wanna get down and dirty.  You have to free their mind from the dishes the carpool whatever.  Adore her, gift her, love her.  That is all we want.  To be made to feel appreciated.  If this woman married you and gave you your child DO NOT for a second think she doesn’t deserve anything but the best.  She took your name and set aside herself to become one with you.  She let her body be deformed to give you both the most incredible miracle.  If you are too busy looking at tight asses and short skirts…you don’t need to be there anyway.  You will not raise your son to be a good man, you will teach your daughter that is ok for a man to do to her and you will dishonor your wife.  Treat her how you want to be treated and vice versa.

Both men and women need to be made to feel desirable and wanted.  Sex is good anyway you look at it.  Relaxes you, helps you sleep, brings you closer, and it FEELS good!!!

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